Our offer is described in a brochure available (Fitex: How to control its market data costs? (Example)) by sending your request to info@fitex.com or identifiable by the following fields [..].

Our firm has developed new tools and offerings that reduce the cost of certain suppliers that impose financial penalties for excessive consumption data on their devices via Excel:

Diagnosis and evaluation of actual consumption via terminals:
> LDM-Scanner allows us fast and accurate diagnosis of this consumption
-> To identify in each grid Excel data questioned
-> To analyze the equivalence in the supplier’s offer flow
-> Evaluate the opportunity cost of using queries to this feed
> LDM-API can replace the power of Excel by API terminal by a stream feeding
The essential contribution of this module is to enable a source of change without affecting users grids thus preserving their computational models while conforming to vendor contracts and reducing costs.

Of course, we continue to offer our specialist offering in market data, which also includes:

> Global consumption optimization with LDM-Optimizer allows to define consumption data optimization strategies

> Conducting tenders and quality analysis through our LDM-Compare tool (analysis and comparison of data quality on significant samples, several thousand titles)

Support to the implementation of management tools (inventory, contracts, invoices, reporting) and operational management.

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