FITEX CONSULTING provides its clients the availability of its expertise in several modes

Technical assistance: the consultant is delegated to the client in order to complete a mission as a consultant. FITEX CONSULTING is committed to offer the client a consultant with the skills required to carry out the required mission. Most often this service is billed according to a defined fee.

The package is possible from a precise specifications, FITEX CONSULTING can offer a package with price undertaking, time and result. This package can be divided into several lots. The package can be performed in the client’s premises, or in those of FITEX CONSULTING. Payment is generally staggered according to a timeline corresponding deliverables.

Conscious that his expertise may interest clients and highly variable sized projects, FITEX CONSULTING also offers expertise in a particular mode, usually fixed by paying for responsibility for certain functions previously by the client.
FITEX CONSULTING offers, for example, to ensure

  • IT support for part-time or on-demand

  • The administration of the technical infrastructure

  • Accommodation of all or part of the infrastructure

  • Management of market data

  • The implementation of contingency plan

  •  …

depending on the particular conditions desired by the client (budget, level of service).