Missions on the main poles:

  • Financial markets

  • Risks

  • Data management

  • Infrastructure

Type of missions with Investments Managers, Asset Managers and Custodians

Role: Project Management

Target: Installing a STP platform for managing volumes and decreasing accountancy issues.


  • Back Office, derivatives & forex/Summit replacement/Tradix in STP

  • Workflow definition and implementation

  • Definition of a migration plan

  • Daily management and follow up of developers and end-users

  • Follow up tests results and recipes.


Role: Project Management

• Step 1: Survey and audit of the French OTC Asset Servicing subsidiary with optimization solutions
• Step 2: Management of all tasks for building a new OTC Asset Servicing subsidiary and acting as the “Project Office”

• Definition of the new functional perimeter
• Collecting new requirements from all teams (Front, Middle & Back Office, Finance dept, IT dept…)
• Requirements analysis and creation of a list of potential software companies
• Discussion at the C-level

Role: Project Manager/Assistant to mastery of work


• Audit and consolidation of internal processes (release cycles, support, internal and external communication, reporting)
• Impacts analysis and risks assessment

• Pilot project: Implementation of TFIM solution from SmartStream in order to move to a hosted solution
• Accelerating the frequency of releases (Agile mode)
• Internal and external communication with all teams
• Industrializing methods of working before signing new clients
• Anticipating new requirements from end users


Role: Business Analyst

Targets: Implementation of a Clearing STP platform covering Futures and Options from Eurex, Liffe Euronext and Liffe UK between Fidessa and ClearVision (FIS Sungard)


• Management of the complexity of a multi-systems and multi-services Front-to-Back infrastructure
• International environment (London, Paris, Asia and US)

Role: Baseline coordinator and developer

Target: Pricing of deals, calculation of counterparty risk, aggregation of results per counterparties
Deliverables: automation of unit testing, definition of non-regression tests.

Role: Quant Analyst


  • definition and validation of different parameters: volatility, dividend, repos, correlation for equities.

  • Development of a tool based on the SABR (Sophis, Summit, MDM context) concept. Calibration tool for Forwards by matching Repos and Dividend rates.

Role: Implementation of a new centralized system of Market Data


  • Audit

  • Definition of business requirements and then functional specifications

  • RFP

  • Implementation of the awarded solution SmartCo and management of the go-live phase

  • End users’ trainings

  • Leading the Steering Committee

  • Documentation: procedures, flow charts and processes.

Role: Consultant expert in IT and Market Data

Target: The client wants to optimize its Market Data tools and solutions as part of the contracts’ renewal process with the providers (Reuters, Bloomberg…)

• Audit of all tools and solutions
• Audit of all contracts
• Assessment of different scenarios combining data coverage and subscription frequency

Role:  Project Management
• Controlling all Market Data expenses
• Update all contracts

Deliverables: Management of all Market Data expenses from the users’ requests to the internal and external reporting.

Role: Project Management

Target: Putting a new organisation in place and reducing Market Data expenses.

• Management of Market Data expenses across 15 sites
• Management of 10 people based in London, Paris, Singapore…
• Follow up of negotiations for all new contracts
• Definition of forecasts and management of costs centres allocations
• Project management for costs optimization (HARCO & WEB TOOLS)

Role: Project Management

Target: In charge of the Market Data technical infrastructure.

• Project management according to the recommendations of providers (Kobra 1.5 upgrade, Radianz, MPLS, FactSet 2009 R3B…)
• Systems administration and level 2 of technical support
• First contact escalation for all providers, procurements and business teams
• Management of the DR site
• Studies of costs optimization (exchanges subscriptions, new products…)

Role: Project Management

Target: Selection and implementation of a new Data Management solution for disseminating and controlling Market Data across all entities.

• RFP follow up
• Ranking of all solutions
• Definition of functional specifications
• In charge of the implementation of the awarded solution: Smartplanet from SmartCo
• In charge of the go-live phase
• Implementation of new Market Data workflows
• End users’ trainings

Role: Project Management

Target: Outsourcing of an IT infrastructure with a high level of service availability on a 24*7 mode.


  • Implementation of all components

  • Implementation of the adequate level of network security

  • Managing daily operations of all systems and network backbone

  • Managing HW and SW including telephony

  • Data archiving

  • Helpdesk

  • Definition of the Business Continuity Plan