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Our Job opportunities

Intervening in a demanding and challenging sector FITEX CONSULTING is constantly looking for new talent with both the functional and technical skills but also the relational and human qualities of the consultant.
We are currently seeking the following profiles to strengthen our competence centers:

Ref BA RK 1
Functional expertise Market Risk and Credit Risk
Monitoring the market VaR, IRC, CVA and EEPE.
– Fluency with computer tools (unix / linux) and good
Credit type of market data skills: knowledge of CDS, securitization, bonds ….
– The provision focuses (but not only) on the credit part:
– Check the correct execution of the assignment of a risk factor and a curve spreads the credit type positions or counterparties (CVA VaR, CVA).
– Biannual update of the composition of CDS basket defining risk VaR factors.
– Support on production for VaR, CVA, EEPE …

Ref BA RK 2
Business Analyst on internal rating tools
Adaptations and developments Access databases to close within the
changes in models for portfolios Public Sector Local and International France
(Model redesign PSE Western Europe: 12 scoring functions);
Adaptations of XML based new scores for reporting purposes
user support.
The update of the documentation of existing tools and processes

Ref BA RK 3

Consultant on Backtesting tool of models based on financial data
> Confirmed Experience: 3 years minimum
> Functional Skills, Trades and Technology
> Master of office tools, data bases and
queries tools (Access, SQL)
> Knowledge of credit risk and Basel regulatory

Ref BA1

Murex Business Analyst
Evolutions and support on Murex tool for Forex in a Corporate

Ref BA2

Summit Business Analyst
In a large investment bank, set-up Summit features on wide range of financial instruments including securities and derivatives, in parallel with decommissioning obsolete application.

Ref PMO1

PMO office at 1 Great-Front BFI

PMO for transversal Global Market projects
Standardization project market platforms
-> Formalize / structure / quicker iteration for the successful completion of projects

Ref BA 3

Business Analyst for Dataware House project within a Finance Department
– Managing accountancy management reconciliation (IFRS)
-> Correction of anomalies
-> Integration of potential new products
– Management of the third repository
– Treat subjects as Risk and ALM:
-> Specify Basel 3 developments and Basel 2 ALM
-> Follow any phase of the project with sponsors

Ref MKD1

> Product Controller / Application Support Jobs in Risk of a major bank
Administration SmartCo tool (Neoxam) serving Market Data Repository to supply all the tools of the Bank, particularly the Risk tools and reporting.
Power control of the tool in the Market Data providers (Reuters, Bloomberg, …)
– Validation of market data (yield curves, volatility surfaces, …)
– Ability to work with teams on Risk of changes in valuation parameters
Experience wanted :
– 2 to 4 years in which popular application support Mission Activity of BFI
– Use SQL indispensable
– VBA appreciated
Basic knowledge of derivatives and their valuation

Ref IT1
Consultant MOE on Ubix / ClearVision
– General profile Unix / windows,
– Perfect knowledge of Oracle Pro * C, Perl and C #. The software package integration aspect is important.
Participation in revenues with MOA

Ref IT2
Developer experienced on the redesign project OST of the current application:
Required Skills :
– VMC (Master level)
– JQuery / jQuery UI (Master level)
– SQL: development and optimization (Advanced Level)
– C # (Masters level)
– .Net / Asp.Net (Masters level)
– SSIS (level proficiency)

Ref IT3
As C ++ IT
Senior Developer C ++ / distribution expert computing (Grid Computing):
o You will participate in the design and implementation of developments in pricing library of derivatives activities and their integration into the information system of the CIB
o You will be responsible for the implementation of unit testing and implementation of documentation
o You will propose improvements to the existing architecture to be able to support this new activity.

You can also send us your application without reference to one of the above offers:

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Client oriented , your organization is structured for several years in areas of expertise, each one is led by a manager, himself a consultant and specialist in the field he leads.
To date, competence centers are: Finance Data Management Infrastructure Market

In a human-sized company, in order to meet the expectations of its customers FITEX CONSULTING is composed of a team that shares strong values such as:

> Professionalism
> Service orientation
> Commitment
> Respect

For the recruitment FITEX CONSULTING considers these values beyond the required skills.
After the integration of the consultant in our company, these qualities make the communication object to value and are assessed at each consultant during periodic maintenance.

FITEX CONSULTING consultants have backgrounds and varied experiences, while having common characteristics:

An engineer training, business school or university (minimum Master) with Option “finance” or “economic”
At least a first experience in the financial field, including for young graduates, gained during an internship
Experience is functional, technical or acquired in consulting or in an operational activity in the markets (front / back office, risk)
Fluency in English
Interpersonal skills
The sense of service to the benefit to the client
The constant desire to learn and to go ahead in his profession

The classic tour for a FITEX CONSULTING consultant may be summarized as:

The junior consultant: graduate, forms the consulting profession and implements theoretical knowledge and / or techniques. It works on rather long missions (on average 1 year) to build and consolidate this first experience, being involved on different phases of the project life (study of requirements, specifications, recipes, production support implementation ..).
The confirmed consultant : after 3 years to 5 years and at least two successful experiences, it operates on missions with more added value and more autonomy. He was given the most important items for which it assumes responsibility. It can technically supervise a junior consultant or a trainee.
The senior consultant: after a course of at least 5 to 6 years, he has developed an expertise in a particular area or project management capabilities. It is thus in a position to take more responsibility (level of intervention in projects and missions, mentoring other consultants). He participated in the recruitment of new employees.
The manager: beyond its senior consultant skills, he proved his ability to represent FITEX CONSULTING vis-à-vis clients in missions where it operates and also to other customers and interlocutors FITEX CONSULTING. He has the responsibility to lead the competence center which he is responsible.
The partner: He is involved in the strategic decisions of the company. It is responsible for the recruitment, development and management on its perimeter.

FITEX CONSULTING, paying particular attention to recruiting, favors internal promotion without neglecting the reinforcements from outside.

FITEX CONSULTING puts at the heart of its priorities the training of its consultants to maintain and develop the level of its services.
The training curriculum, discussed during periodic maintenance, consists of:

Capitalization: these thematic working sessions provided by other FITEX CONSULTING consultants or by external consultants on specific subjects, functional or technical, according to the expressed and anticipated needs. Recent accomplishments: SQL, Mifid, “information and decision Reporting” … Note that some of this work can then be the subject of training provided by consultants not from FITEX CONSULTING.
Training: This is to meet the individual criteria (personal needs, missions, …) on specific subjects (English, assistance in project management, project management, …) and provided by specialized organizations.

Thus the course of each is individualized to meet two complementary objectives: to develop the knowledge and expertise of the consultant, to meet the expectations of the market and our clients.